All out cannon warfare, PvP online turn-based, base building destruction! Aim your cannon and destroy your friends before they destroy you. Build your base big and find the rare, powerful weapons!

Arsenal Defense is an epic multiplayer game. Even if that means taking down your friends defenses to get it. Use tactics to make yourself stronger. Master methods to collect perks and upgrade your cannon in the battlefield. Use perks to enhance your ammunition, control or power. Calling satellites for backup, steal an extra turn, or use a high-powered laser cannon; these are all possibilities on the battlefield. Don’t forget to gather base materials and construct base improvements.

Bulk up. Load Up. And Destroy.

How powerful will you become?

Major Features:
– Online, turn-based system
– Drops from battle win can include: new cannons, perks, materials and/or tokens to give you the edge needed in the next round of battles
– Unlock ability slots to strategize your style of play
– Unlockable emblems
– Base Customization to Destruction

We are a small team of four people dedicated to making one great game! Helping us out in anyway possible would be most appreciated and Eli would love you 😉
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